Tuesday, February 12, 2013

bring a tent

these are random photos, in no particular chronological order, of various mountains, hikes,  climbs, and other stuff that's been happening in the last few months.
every hike, every climb, brings new insights, new astoundments (my word, not webster's), new openings. how's it going to end?

wind and hail, clouds and rain.

waiting for the next climb.

my next home.
yeah, try sitting in padmasana in hiking boots!

our most recent climb, old woman mountain. we're related, don't you know?

mt. wilson, az.  coming down from the summit, at dusk, on the night of the full moon.

full moon, full heart.

brings a new meaning to support.

yep. bring a tent.

thank you, xkcd.com

i don't know how it will end. i'm not there yet.