Tuesday, October 13, 2009

how did we get here?

welcome to my blog.
since you're reading this, i'd love to know how you found it, since it's been up for, oh, about a minute and a half.

most of the blogs i've wandered through are written by people who like to write, have something to say, and either have some skill at it, or think they do. that's not why i'm writing this.
yeah, yeah, i can spell, punctuate, and syllabicate with the best of them. a catholic education in the 50's/60's will do that to you. not the point.
the only reason i'm doing this is to get the stuff that's in my head, out of it. that way i don't have to listen to it rattling around my brain, until it finally finds a way to leak away. and i get to inflict it on an unsuspecting public!

so i don't know how interesting this will be to anyone besides myself. i don't know if it will be interesting to me, either.

i guess we'll all find out.

(oh, and about the no capital letters thing. this is a really small laptop with a really small keyboard. every time i hit the shift key, i do something stupid to the computer. nothing to do with e.e. cummings, or an affectation of coolness/nerdness. just poor hand control.)

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