Friday, December 31, 2010

a request for 2011

A Short Testament

by Anne Porter

Whatever harm I may have done
In all my life in all your wide creation
If I cannot repair it
I beg you to repair it,

And then there are all the wounded
The poor the deaf the lonely and the old
Whom I have roughly dismissed
As if I were not one of them.
Where I have wronged them by it
And cannot make amends
I ask you
To comfort them to overflowing,

And where there are lives I may have withered around me,
Or lives of strangers far or near
That I've destroyed in blind complicity,
And if I cannot find them
Or have no way to serve them,

Remember them. I beg you to remember them

When winter is over
And all your unimaginable promises
Burst into song on death's bare branches.

"A Short Testament" by Anne Porter, from Living Things. © Zoland Books


  1. On death's bare branches is where a lot of life's unfinished business lands.

    Soulful Miles Davis. Great images with this YouTube and the focus on the inner workings of your flower.

  2. Happy New Year rr! Great poem to end/start the old/new

  3. This is one of my most favorite of Miles' cuts. It fits so well with your photo. And Kass' remark is so true.

  4. kass-so true. hanging from those branches, a tough place from which to finish things.

    tr-same to you! and thanks for the poem.

    okatb-i agree. more and more, i'm finding that music shows me images, and photos make music.