Wednesday, March 23, 2011


trust the gods within,
accept given boons.
illusion is reality's border:
pierce fear to go beyond.
--365 tao, day 78


  1. Such trust dissolves fear and regret.

    These are really evocative of the shlocky weather we have recently had despite the peek of spring a couple of weeks ago. But I also see in them an analogy to the cloudy sunset I've recently begun to emerge from. Thank you!

  2. They're both good, but I especially like that top shot. Very film noirish.

  3. They both have kind of a spooky supernatural feel to them, especially the top one where the clouds almost look like UFOs. I like it.

  4. leslie-you're quite welcome. the quote says it all for me, that illusion is reality's border. we create so many illusions for ourselves, then forget that we made them up!

    kirk-thanks. "it was a dark and stormy night..."

    cc-thanks for dropping in. definitely spooky, where spirits walk, and the veil is thin.