Sunday, July 31, 2011

fortune unfolding

today i am 60.
i have not yet made peace with that.
it may take a while. maybe a year.

then again, maybe not.


  1. It pleases me that you appear to celebrate your own birthday. For some reason yet unknown, I've always hidden mine. What, like someone, one person on the earth, might think I don't have one? Weird. I'm glad you're all set to receive your heart's desire.

    My very favorite Nanci Griffith song
    though your Great Divide pick was perfect.

  2. is 60 when I'm finally able to be crotchety?

  3. I have $1.98 that says Mike was crabby-assed at 6!

    Your top photo put me in mind of a still life image that I love. The colors are so similar.

    I hope that link works. I fiddled at it way too long. :~{

  4. And a happy coming year to sort out the implications of turning 60 and going across the Great Divide. (I'm still working on it, myself!)

  5. lm-i figure if i have to go thru this, i may as well drag as many as i can with me!
    and yes, that link works fine, and thank you for including it. and nobody would take that sucker bet!

    mike-i never let age dictate crotchety-why wait?

    okatb-thank you. let's work on it together, and really kick the doors off!

  6. Happy birthday.

    I see those fortune cookies are in different colors. Are they different flavors?

  7. kirk-thank you, and yes, they are! lemon, lime, orange and strawberry.

  8. Congrats on a milestone! I reached one myself this past spring, but let it slide on by...if you pay them no attention they eventually give up and leave you alone.

  9. tob-hi there! and welcome. congrats on your milestone. i prefer to kind of blow them up on sight :)

  10. Those cookies look delicious! And believable.