Monday, March 19, 2012

rules for napping

my late husband was a world-class napper. he could fall asleep anywhere, anytime, regardless of caffeine intake. i was in awe.
i never took naps. i couldn't settle enough in the middle of the day to fall asleep. plus, i had things to do. lots of things.
in the last couple of years, due to horrendous nighttime sleep (or lack thereof), i've been learning about naps, and their utility in the event of sleep deprivation, combined with early working hours.

over the years, i've worked out some guidelines for naps. here they are.

1.  naps are taken fully dressed. shoes and glasses may be removed. if you take off all your clothes, just go back to bed.

2.  naps are best taken on saturday or sunday afternoons. the rest of the week is fine as well, just a bit more difficult. napping on a rainy (or snowy) afternoon is the best. napping on the beach, get it.

3.  naps should last no longer than one hour. 20-30 minutes is best. an exception can be made in cases of staying out all night, or being up with a sick child. other than that, if the nap lasts longer than an hour, it's not a nap. take your clothes off, go to bed and stay there until morning.

4.  naps are best taken on a couch or sofa. (what's the difference between a couch and sofa anyway?) the bed may be used if necessary. if on the bed, you must be on top of the covers, NOT underneath. if you're under the covers, you're in for the night. don't delude yourself.

5.  when napping, it's best to be in a slightly raised position, rather than fully reclined. use one or more pillows under the back. it's really quite comfortable, and if you're congested, helps with sinus drainage, and snoring.

6.  if you take a nap with a partner, be aware that it may not be a nap. it may turn into something more connubial, convivial, or canoodly. all of this is good, it's just not a nap.

and yes, in case you were wondering, i pretty much wrote this in my head, in the middle of the night, when i couldn't sleep.

here's some beach napping  sounds:

and places to  nap:


  1. There was a time when I took 20-30 minute naps every day during the work week (in the 70s). It was wonderful. I miss that so much.

  2. I find a ball cap tilted way down over the eyes aids the nap process without allowing one to get too comfortable.

  3. Definitely take your glasses off before napping. Or else they may slide off your face, and you'll roll over and bend the hell out of them, as I've done in the past.

    Couch and sofa mean the same thing. They're just have different names in different languages, and two of those names just happen to make their way to English.

  4. Wish I could nap normally.
    Sometimes I sleep in movies and live theater.
    It's weird.

  5. jim- ah, the good old days!

    mike-so glad to hear from you! i was concerned, but didn't want to intrude.
    not being a hat wearer, i didn't think about that aspect. thanks for the idea :)

    kirk-oh, yeah, i've done that too. also sat on a pair of wirerims and bent them all to pieces. i've wondered about the derivation of couch and sofa, just not enough to go searching it out.

    kass-when i worked in the food business, and was getting up at 4am (which, by the way, really sucks) i couldn't go to movies or the like. if i was in a dark room, i was asleep! the body WILL take its rest wherever, when needed.