Saturday, July 28, 2012

missing levon

for some reason, i've been missing the band, and levon helm in particular. the band was a revelation for me (c'mon, music from big pink?!), musically and otherwise. levon helm had a particular place in my heart. it's my opinion that he did the best solo work of the group. robbie robertson still has places to go.
so do i.


  1. Because of Helm's thick Arkansas accent, I sometimes thing of The Band as Southern Rock. Of course, they were mostly Canadian, Levon being the sole American.

    1. yep,true. their album "music from big pink" was a breakthrough, landmark event. it changed music, much like csny did.

  2. Back when that LP came out I was very selective about buying music So Music From the Big Pink didn't get into my collection until probably 1975. it's long since disappeared, which is too bad because I really like the cover art by Dylan. The colors in your artwork sort of remind me of that as well. Thanks rraine.