Monday, August 27, 2012

i used to have style. really

when i was in college, lo, these many years ago, i had style.
several, and eclectic, but style.
i wore long denim skirts with gauzy indian blouses, that had bells on them.
i wore mini skirts with high leather boots and tight sweaters.
and of course, i wore jeans and t-shirts. ( i still wear those.)
i was nothing if not versatile.
i cross dressed many styles, politics, philosophies.

and i wore capes. i had two, one grey, one white. i floated across
campus at 4am, to go to my shift at the crisis intervention center, a spectre in the mist and dark. i wrapped myself in wool and mystery, and spoke to no one.
well, hell, who's awake at 4am?

the best thing was my famous blue raincoat.
it snapped from neck to ankle, swishy, bright blue. 
striking, and cool.
wish i could find a picture of it.

now, for good or ill, i have clothes.
utilitarian. last forever.
and exceedingly boring.
they wick, because i hike.
they stretch, because i teach yoga.
they are simple, because the other stuff is stupidly expensive.

my current blue raincoat.

not famous, no style, nothing alluring, nothing mysterious. 
even if i was naked under it, so what.
it's water repellent.
i can make a tent out of it.

i want to move into the next days of flamboyance, expression, eccentrism, that old people do. we just don't give a shit about opinion. we don't give a shit about much, because it's all ending anyway.


  1. Replies
    1. wait, was that directed to the "it's all ending anyway" comment?

  2. Yeah, what indeed?

  3. There are two types of style. The first is a personal statement, a sign of your individuality, etc. The second is being "in style", which in my view is mere conformity, albeit sometimes a pricey conformity. You may no longer hew to the second type of style, but I suspect you have more than enough of the first.

    1. "more than enough" is a very accurate description. when i've been dressed even remotely au courant, there's been a weird twist to it. so be it.
      i do wish i could find a really neat cape.