Tuesday, June 29, 2010

fire works, early


  1. Your photography can be my everlasting light any time.

  2. your pictures look like the sun is setting down on the flower.... just lovely.

    Very, very inspiring


  3. The stems--sorry if that's wrong, but I'm not up on flower terminalogy--in that middle picture looks like lasar beams or something. I'm afraid I'd singe my finger if I thouched them. Are they really that bright looking, or are they illuminated somehow?

  4. Candles in the wind. These are just beautiful. See what I mean Gabi about about Standing's mastery of light and shadow. Rraine you are a natural.

  5. kass, you warm my heart.

    gabi, it was the opposite-the sun was coming up!

    kirk, they're either stamens or pistils, i can never remember which is which. or they might be anthers. i don't know.
    they're illuminated by the sun coming through my window early in the morning. it's the same light that burns brightly in all of us.

    ah, tag, thank you. that touches me. we all go where we're drawn, some to words, some to visuals, some to song.

  6. Standing - thanks for visiting Sugarhouse Cookie. It's a blog I like to dump a lot of pictures on just to see them 'published.' Glad you liked them. Some things just look better in black and white, don't you think?

  7. kass, i don't know that i could keep up with more than one blog. and yes, black and white has its own character and depth. some things really are just black and white.