Friday, October 29, 2010

in between

samhain, all hallow's eve, el dia de los muertos,
all soul's day, full moon,
dusk to dawn,
this is when the veil is thinnest,
when we can see beyond
our current frailties of perception.
dare we look?

now, if this doesn't twist a few perceptions, you are much too firmly entrenched in this reality:


  1. This is so weird on so many levels! I love it.

  2. wow I really love the creativity of the shots and the words accompanying them!

    Happy Halloween my dear friend!

  3. Love the altered perception these two photos provoke. Nice. Happy Halloween to you.

  4. Proof that UFO's exit. Is Tiny Tallsaddle Really Andy Kaufman?

  5. You might call that top picture a ghost rider in the sky but it looks to me like a flying saucer!

    Or perhaps a ceiling light?

  6. okatb-weird is my middle name, glad you liked this!
    gabi-happy halloween to you! hope you get lots of treats.
    trw-i'm all for altering perceptions, lest we get too complacent in this reality.
    tag-i thought everyone was really andy kaufman.
    kirk-damn. you got it! so much for living near area 51.

  7. Kevin Bacon is involved in everything. I suspect it's because his name is "Bacon". Mmm

  8. cramcake-bacon. it's not a food, it's a lifestyle.