Wednesday, September 5, 2012

past and present

these are miscellaneous shots from various hikes over the last couple of months.

heart of the tree

clouds rising

fragility in the rocks.

bristlecone butt

been a lot of places, high up on mt. charleston, where it's cooler, and you can smell the pine sap and the sage.

more to come this weekend.
we're heading up to mt. charleston, and i mean the top.
yeah, i'm nervous.


  1. wow, what great pictures! Damn, I love hiking the mountains with you.

    1. hmm, i don't think they fall into the "great" category, which i reserve for the likes of dorothea lange, ansel adams,etc. but they'll do, until the real thing comes along.
      and yes, i love when we're out there.

  2. That top picture looks like it was painted.

    1. oh boy, not by me, for sure. that's why i have a camera.
      for years, i've had images in my head that i could never put on paper or canvas. the camera is just now beginning to be the way i can get them out of my head.