Friday, September 21, 2012


when i have time, and the energy, i walk in the neighborhood. there's been a lot of construction going on, everywhere. the markings on the street are  urban hieroglyphics. i'm sure they mean something to someone, and i am not among the cognescenti. 

 well, this one is pretty obvious. i think.

didn't know i had walked that far.

because i have to...

and for contrast...


  1. Replies
    1. thanks! that means a lot coming from you, writer par excellence!

  2. Takin' it to the streets. I think that is Klingon on the pavement. They are attacking Las Vegas as part of the coming apocalypso.
    Was anybody ever smoother than Nat King Cole?

    1. when i can't get to the mountains, the streets are always there. whoa, klingon? apocalypso this- day oh, daaaay oh, daylight come and me wanna go home...
      and no, nobody was smoother. not frank sinatra, not perry como, not harry connick, jr, not nobody. that man was the vocal version of fred astaire.

    2. Quoting Belafonte while talking about smooth?
      Shari and I have been on a Star Trek Super Marathon over the past few weeks everything looks alien to me. Finished all of TNG now on DS9 with a bit of Enterprise thrown in for a change. Could say I'm OCD.

    3. oh. yeah. duh.
      i loved ST and TNG, but never got into DS9. naw, not ocd. just dedicated :)
      i can't sit still very long, so movie marathons are right out for me. can you say hyperactive?

  3. I love the last one particularly.

  4. i like that one, and the orange one. thanks for that link, so many good road songs.