Monday, November 16, 2009

6 months? already? damn.

last night i was shuffling things around, books, papers, and emotions, when i came across a date of significance. i did the math-well, actually, arithmetic. i discovered, to my amazement and delight, that it's been 6 months that one fine gentleman and i have been, as they used to say, keeping company.

and what company it has been! surprising, intense, sensual, curious, laugh-filled, passionate, sometimes downright mind-boggling, sometimes just goofy. all turning into a deep caring for, and respect for each other. full-spectrum, i'd say. lots of light.

we share enough common interests and experiences to be comfortable, have enough dissimilar pursuits to keep the conversation lively, and enough utterly divergent opinions to keep us exploring, analyzing, and, of course, laughing. we are intelligently inquisitive. we have fun!

out of this, in such a short time, we've both had some experiences that have profoundly altered our perceptions of the world, ourselves, our work. i've had abilities awakened, creative aspects of my life, that had been so thoroughly shut down i thought they didn't exist. for that i am eternally grateful.

it hasn't all been cake and tea, of course. we've done some obstacle placing
, some run-and-hide. the wounded aspects of ourselves have tripped us up more than once, with the concomitant face-plants. we've caused each other pain, and, i hope, eased the pain. this is the way of things relational. so far, we keep going. the music plays, and the dance continues.

unlike my orange friend, i have no crystal ball. i don't know what's next. i do know there's more to be explored. my intent is to remain present, and NOT do anything really stupid!

so to you, pumpkin man, i say-
thank you for the last 6 months. with open heart, i curiously await the next song, and the next dance.


  1. Geez I feel like I've been looking in peoples windows. I'm happy for you!

  2. How glorious to hear of this kind of joy. I am so happy for you. Causing pain, easing pain - those words represent 'the stuff' of relationships. How could you do anything stupid if you're being authentic?

  3. I'm trying not to be jealous because I am truly happy for you. I know that I sabotage relationships so congrats on having the guts to keep showing up.

  4. tag-yep, can get like that! hence my rather tight boundaries.
    gjudy-oh, i can be authentically stupid!
    kass-showing up is the toughest thing. literally.