Wednesday, November 11, 2009

this is the bad poetry i promised

(with apologies to every poet who ever lived, anywhere, at anytime.)

i wrote this quite a while ago, and had, blessedly, forgotten about it. now it's back. sorry,

thoughts arise, and die again
with distressing ease.
they come and go like taxis,
erections, or a sneeze.
and yet we give them value,
permanence and place,
a vain attempt to make a world
that never changes pace.
when things tilt, we tighten up,
we fume and spit and seethe.
we rarely do the easy thing-
relax, let go, and BREATHE.

SO glad to have gotten that out of my system.


  1. I liked this poem! It has meter, humor and meaning. You shouldn't sell it short. Thanks for posting it.

  2. thanks! your feedback is welcome. this was a leap for me, i haven't shown this stuff to anyone. baby steps!

  3. I love this poem. It's the kind of thing I would set to music and sing if I were Amanda Palmer ( who surprisingly meditates) see: earlier post

  4. standing on my head said...
    i had a rubber chicken that accompanied me everywhere for years! it was a major part of my house decor. i never thought to use it as a fashion accessory, tho!

    November 13, 2009 5:27 PM

    Kass said...
    OOOoo, that gives me ideas, standing, how about a hat?

  5. kass-about the poem-i also have written a few things that would make great lyrics for bad country/western songs!
    chicken hat? great! or maybe an across-the-body purse? or chicken mittens? :)

  6. I just realized your profile picture is you, standing on your head, duh. I thought it was a woman with a long black robe. Maybe I should wear my glasses more often. Do you know LimesNow as well as the Badger?
    Would love to hear some of those country-western lyrics while you wear your dead chicken hat and mittens.

  7. kass-my profile pic is hard to see, so small.
    i know limesnow and badger by blog, badger also f2f.
    hey, i saw (somewhere) that you do craniosacral-which happens to be one of my all time favorite modalities! ever heard of brain gym? i do that, in addition to yoga.