Sunday, November 22, 2009

i was born in the wrong era

and here's why.
i love this music, and i especially love to dance.
(i love most kinds of music and dance, but for some reason, this grabs me.)

this is just for fun!

watch this:

and this:

(forgot this one):

then, later, came this:


  1. I often feel like I'm living in the wrong era. This old music is the best - even the recording quality.

  2. lately i feel like i'm living on the wrong planet, too! tho i don't know which of the others would have me!

  3. I like '40s swing almost as much as I like '60s rock.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I too love this era's music.

  5. Thanks for the link via 'Redoing.' I love old salvage yards. Salt Lake doesn't have one exactly like the one you referenced. I found the rusty drill press on my property. There was a fire in 1992 that destroyed a cabin on the lot that I bought next to mine so there were burned snowmobiles and all sorts of things. The drill press was the only cool looking thing.

  6. tag and kirk-glad you enjoyed it!
    kass-wish i had the space to play with large pieces-i make do with photos, that look large i my head!