Sunday, September 19, 2010

hollowed out

if we feel lonely, then it is only because we are forgetting how we are immersed in Tao. that is why loneliness can be an opportunity: it reminds us that we are dwelling on our own egotistic identity rather than on the support of the Tao.
--365 tao, day 262


  1. Just getting caught up on all your wonderful photos. Especially liked "Broken In Blue." Thanks for inquiring after me.

  2. the feeling of loneliness... I know a bit about it, brings many memories back.
    But now I welcome the feeling as I accept that it is my time to be immerse in myself and accept what it is.

    Inspiring post!


  3. I especially like the second picture, the hollower you get the more you find inside. And what a great song/video from Jr.

  4. kass-glad to hear from you! you are much missed, my friend, and thought of often.

    gabi-can't fight the feeling.

    okatb-i agree, the act of emptying lets us fill.

  5. I think all of us at one time or other could identify with that flower.

    ( Is a flower, isn't it?)

  6. kirk-oh boy, yes. and yes, it's a rose, much past what most would call its prime.