Sunday, September 26, 2010

what's on your bookshelf?

my camera is still such a novelty that i will take photos of damn near anything. not that all the pictures are good, but they're in focus and the colors are pretty!
yesterday the light in the afternoon was falling onto one of my bookcases, so i snapped away.

then i wondered-what's on your bookshelf?

don't we all check out the books in someone's home? don't our visitors do the same?

this is by no means a complete cross section of my books. perhaps i'll do more later, if the light cooperates. there are 2 more bookcases. then there are the books stacked around the house...


  1. my bookshelf has a bit of everything. I love reading - so u can find art, philosophy, photography, travel guides, yoga, tarot reading, children books, cooking, business, dictionaries, etc, etc, etc.

    Keep enjoying your 7D!! Glad you are happy with it. I go with mine everywhere :)


  2. Love of books and of a new camera go together -- I've done the same, sometimes to also capture the assortment of things that share the shelve with the books, seashells I could leave behind, a few small framed pictures, a scarab from Egypt and a tribolite found high in the Himalayas and more that come and go as do the books.

  3. gabi-yes, mine has quite an odd assortment too! i'm not used to carrying the 7d everywhere yet-it's so much larger than what i was using before.

    june-thanks for visiting! my shelves also have an array of things gathered over time. i've just recently done a purge, of things and books, to make more room. needless to say, the room didn't last long.

  4. I don't have book shelves, one day perhaps when I become feel I'm permanently settled. For now, just piles of books acattered all over the house.

  5. Let me see...a dictionary, an almanac, a pocket encyclopedia...some comic strip collections...some novels...a few biographies...two books on how to write screenplays (I dabble in everything)...a book of quotes...a few "new journalism" books...a few books about movies...some history books...The Holy Bible, revised standard edition (NOT to be confused with the history books)...a book about blogging (which I largely ignore)...White and Strunk's book, though you'll see little evidence of that in my writing...a book of Mike Royko columns (which HAS influenced my writing)...That's all I can think of as I'm not at home with my two book cases (and some closet shelves) right in front of me.

  6. tag-i define a book shelf as any surface that holds books. some are just lower than others.

    kirk-pretty impressive memory there! have you read molly ivins?

  7. I have read Molly Ivins, and found her very funny, but I don't have a collection of her columns. I'll put her on my "when I can afford to buy books again" list.