Saturday, September 11, 2010

wanna bite?

now i happen to love tomatoes...
but this song makes me laugh!


  1. They almost always make me laugh. Is that your reflection in the bowl?

  2. I like a tomato on a hamburger, but could never eat one just by itself. That top picutre doesn't really make me want to. What are those little green indentations, anyway?

  3. tag-i think that's the surface of the table seen thru the glass bowl. always happy to provide a laugh.

    kirk-those are colorations in the tomato skin. both toms are heirloom tomatoes, the only ones (imho) that still have a fine flavor.

    i can eat a tomato like an apple. when i was a kid, my mom always grew tomatoes, and they were splendid. she still grows them, i just don't get them anymore-too far to ship.

    okatb-thanks! there's more to come.

  4. I love these photos and they remind me of the tomatoes I ate right out of a small Massachusetts truck garden in late August. I eat them like apples too. Tomatoes are much more nutritious than apples.

    I love the Tomato song! As long as you are on the topic of vegetables, you should consider checking out the POTATO song by Cheryl Wheeler on her Sylvia Hotel album. It is hilarious too, but expresses fondness, not revulsion.

  5. lovely, lovely pictures... color and textures are great :)



  6. tregina-you are just a goldmine of cool things to check out! for me, tomatoes and summer are synonymous.

    gabi-take a bite!