Saturday, April 9, 2011

bink, bink, bink

courtesy of the erudite cramcake , i was reminded of the term used to describe the antics of rabbits. binking is when they frolic and cavort about, for no apparent reason. it's a bit frantic as well.

that is a pretty good description of my mode of operation for the last week and a half, with a bit more emphasis on the frantic. i've had so much adrenaline coursing through my veins, sleep has been a non-starter. i am having more fun than is probably allowed by law.

this whole process has been an exercise in "ask and ye shall receive." or even, "don't ask, you'll get it anyway." i've received multiple gifts of help, suggestions, label printing (my printer died, great timing), donations of materials, support in all forms. the other artists i've met have been, without exception, nice.
nice, in las vegas. who would have thought?
to everyone who has hung with me, and that's everyone i'm in any kind of contact with, THANK YOU. we don't do anything by ourselves, except maybe die, and i'm not sure about that.

it's also required that i change my perceptions about myself, my definition of myself. i've never, ever called myself an artist. it appears that i am, in the loosest sense of the term. i've never acknowledged my creative abilities, except in the area of teaching. now i have to. there's no denying it. i've always nurtured the creative in others, but not in myself. that's done, too.

there are all types of media represented in this gallery. painting of all kinds, drawing, altered art, fabric arts, stained glass, jewelry, etc. some of it is professional, some not so much. as i've looked, i've realized that, holy cow, my stuff is pretty damn good, for where i am in this process. i'm not bragging. i haven't seen what else is out there. i know this place is not representative of the art world at large, but, damn. i'm doing ok for my first public hanging :)

the photos are hung, and tagged with name and price. i don't like the way the tags look, so i may change them tomorrow morning, if i get inspired today! i need a chair for my space, so i don't have to stand for 8 hours. i need to pack a lunch of some kind. there's probably other things that haven't occurred to me. and take a nap. oh yes.

i'll have photos of the space tomorrow.



  1. I love the binking!! And I'm so pleased that this has been such a great, transformative experience for you. How fulfilling!

  2. Congratulations. Are these photos you've had on this blog?

  3. And the first sales have already started! How cool is that?

  4. cc-thanks! every experience has the potential to be transformative, if you can stand it :)

    kirk- thank you. most of the photos have been seen here, some have not.

    okatb-so cool, it's frigid! we both sold! the future's so bright, have to wear shades.

  5. Binking! That's so cool. I swear I didn't know that when I came up with Nicky's favorite food!

  6. hi crow! thanks for dropping in. i read your strip all the time, and remember the binkycakes. just another piece of the collective unconscious showing up!