Thursday, April 28, 2011

fire up

and just for fun, to get really fired up:


  1. Ah, those ARE special! I was just working on a reply to your e-mail about that very subject.

  2. As much light as the sparks that leak out of my ears at night!

  3. A sparkler in a straw basket? Hope nothing catches on fire.

    Listening to Earl Scruggs play, you can hear how bluegrass may have had some influence on rock and roll. Just replace a banjo solo with an electric guitar.

    The name of that instrumental is "Foggy Mountain Breakdown". Although I don't believe it was written specifically for the movie, in Bonnie and Clyde, it's played everytime the two title characters drive away from a bank robbery.

    I just looked it up. Earl Scruggs is 86! Back in the '60s, he and his partner, Lester Flatt, told a story about a man named Jed, poor mountaineer, kept his family fed, then one day while huntin' for some food, up through the ground came some bubbling crude...

  4. LM-thank you. i look forward to hearing (seeing?) from you.

    CC-ME TOO! i think they're the best.

    okatb-that explains that blinding light...

    kirk-i've listened to flatt and scruggs since the 60s (yeah, i'm that old). they amaze. foggy mountain breakdown predates bonnie and clyde, i think. regardless, they show up in surprising places!

  5. Foggy Mountain Breakdown I couldn't name it though I was familiar with the song Thanks again Kirk for filling in the blanks. great version
    But rraine I would the band sparks would have been more appropriate.

  6. tag- ah, had i but known! thanks for pointing me there. i like them!