Sunday, April 24, 2011

bunny song

for those of you celebrating easter, passover, spring, the wind, pollen presence, or anything that involves chocolate, go here:

you'll have to paste the link into your browser, otherwise it shows up as unavailable.
it's worth the trip!
happy bunny day, or some such stuff.

Edit: when i first put this up, i failed to mention that i have a history with song. i heard it about a zillion times, along with all the other then current veggie tales songs, when i was working with autistic kids. they're really funny, with some humor thrown in just for
the grownups watching. if you're interested, check out the other ones on youtube, especially "the pirates that don't do anything."


  1. Nearly tipped over backwards out of my chair. My BFF sent me that Kaylin Haught poem just a week ago. I printed it, decorated and gave to some of the women at AA where such sentiments are appreciated. Happy Easter, happy spring, happy, happy everything!

  2. LM-i suspect we're getting our poetry fix from the same poetry pusher! i don't hold with any concept of god other than the divine within each of us, which is another way of saying we are all one, all connected. in this poem, i like the permission given to be exactly who we are, and that (in my mind) we give it to ourselves.

  3. Oh Wazzer! the rain is coming down hard and I walked to the library. This was a very bunny post rraine. Do you know where one can get a bucket of Bunny. Just chickens 'round here.

  4. So is it now Once Know As The Yam?

  5. okatb-tag has the right of it. you are now okaty(am). goes well with your pumpkin man designation, color-wise.

    tag-for a bucket o' bunny, first buy 2 bunnies, one each of male and female. wait.