Saturday, May 7, 2011

the edges

mysteriously, wonderfully, 
i bid farewell to what goes, 
i greet what comes; 
for what comes cannot be denied, 
and what goes cannot be detained.


  1. Simply stunning!Thankyou for sharing these visions!

  2. i was wondering who to feature for next week's saturday masters Was looking for someone to complement melissa etheridge and worked all around patti smith without getting there so thanks for this. And yes i don't want to touch whatever this is. i have a fear of sharp objects.

  3. Both pokey and delicate at the same time. Beautiful!

  4. gabi-thanks! how goes your current photo course?

    deb-visions, or hallucinations? :)

    tag-i'm currently deeply enamored of patti smith. so much talent in one person boggles my mind. and that's a dead protea, looking spiky and being soft.

    cc-hi there! yes, kinda like people.