Friday, May 27, 2011

just for fun

lizard thoughts, upon espying a penis
(spoken very quickly)
HEY!  HEY! what is that?
where's the legs?
what's it doing?
wonder what it eats?
does it have a tongue?
maybe i can grow one.
i can grow other things.
 naw, looks heavy.
awful big to drag around.
WHAT? it's leaking.
wait, it's going away.



  1. "Hey, hey, we're the Monkees,
    People say we Monkee around,
    But we're too busy singin'
    To put anybody down."

    Hey, Mister ~ put that away.
    It's been done before.

  2. Oh, my. I'm on a roll here. Since you know about penises (at least enough to was poetic about them), do you know the definition of a dictator?

    Yow. WV = appunder. I'm sure I could do something obscene with that if it were not 5:00 a.m.

  3. I can picture this lizard, all perked up and focused, maybe at the very end it lifts up one lizard foot in a gesture of greeting and curiosity, only to put it back down when the penis goes away.

  4. "Stop dragging my hose around" Said Tag anonymously.

  5. lm-yep, just havin' some fun here!

    cc-great image! and his little mind just yapping along.

    anonymous tag-BWAHAHA!

  6. ...reminds me of the time someone raised up and stared at all my private parts and said, "Hey, quit staring at me."

  7. kass-did you reply "here's looking at you, kid"?
    glad to hear from you, been wondering...

  8. What long and hard and filled with seamen?

    A submarine.

    Funny poem.

  9. kirk-i can see post is bringing out the best in everyone! good joke.

  10. Oh, hell. No one took my bait above and then Kirk rips me off with a joke. So, here's mine:

    What is a cross between a penis and a potato?
    A dictator.