Tuesday, May 25, 2010

anniversary, the sequel

or, the year of living dangerously.

i've had quite a few years of living dangerously, now that i think about it. this last year is one in a string of years during which i pushed the limits. this time, however, i was pushing the limits in so many domains at once, well, things got a bit crazy.

not bad crazy, mind you, good crazy.
if you can stand the chaos.

thinking that things are starting to make sense seems to be an invitation to the universe to shake things up. and once more i'm scrambling in the unknown.

since i don't really know anything, i got nothing to lose.

and if you want to hear the lyrics, which are, um, relevant...


  1. I love the old men, the instrumental but the lyrics mater too as you say.

    And it is indeed better to live and enjoy the flowers before we're dead. thanks.

  2. As soon as things start to make sense to us, we shall get ready to move on and try the unknown, as it is a strong sign that we have learnt what we were supposed to learnt – time to move to greener pastures!!
    Keep moving; keep enjoying the “good crazy”
    By the way, I do really love your second pic!


  3. elisabeth-yes, flowers being a metaphor for all things in this life. sometimes we're brought a bouquet of fun, sometimes of sadness.

    gabi-now if i could only find those greener pastures-oh well,just another unknown in this journey to an unknown destination.

  4. That second picture. How the heck did you tie-die a field?

    Shake, baby, shake!

  5. kirk- one_blade_at_a_time...
    the wind was fierce. i went to arizona thinking to escape that element. not so.

  6. Love what Kirk said. Wish you would tell me more about your year.

  7. kass- i will. there's much to be said still.