Sunday, May 9, 2010

um, it's the wind again

i went hiking today. the wind was fierce, unrelenting, and at the same time cordial. it's becoming a friend that visits often, and tells me things i don't want to know quite yet.
the gusts were so strong, i was unable to hold my camera still. most everything was blurred. even the joshua trees were swaying, in time with the wind. the agave were steadfast, some of the wildflowers were sheltered.
i was in the wind.


  1. Love picture #2 - the blue, the green and the red... so soft, deep and simple!


  2. Amazing photos, especially when fighting a wind. Your photography is an inspiration.

  3. gabi-i think that's my favorite too.

    jan-thanks. it helps to be exceedingly stubborn!

  4. That middle picture looks like it's in technicolor.

  5. Pointed, sharp, amazing. The wind and your pictures are piercing!

  6. kirk-i don't yet understand why some colors do that. the blue limbs in the background are grey, with a lot of blue in them, but not that much. sometimes the wall in my dining room shows up purple-it's beige, for cryin'out loud!

    kass-like your poetry, i'd say.