Monday, May 31, 2010

through the glass darkly, and lightly

die each night. be born again each morning
-365 tao, day 151


  1. Interesting thing about glass, it's no color, and every color.

  2. You putting up Walk and Don't Look Back has nearly made me fall out of my chair. In one of my very early blog posts, I was going on about music, and about this very song. I was not familiar with the song until a year ago, but if you read my post, you'll see how much it got my attention. How ironic you published it in your post.

  3. kass-you have a way of making me look at my photos differently. thanks.

    kirk-and that, in a nutshell, describes my fascination with it.

    limes-i knew it! everything IS connected, ironically. i like reggae (most of it), and have since i first heard it. i did read your post, and liked your review of that cd. made me want to hear it!

  4. I'd happily give you one or three burns of it. How would I deliver them?

  5. limes-most generous! i'll email you about delivery.