Tuesday, February 23, 2010

how do we tell the difference?

we know
so little of love,
and so much of fear,
we think
they are the same.
where does the heart fly?


  1. This is so simple and true. Can we lead the heart? Direct it? Or does it just take us where it wants? There is always fear at the other end of this kind of love-led leaping. I know there are a lot of people that say if it isn't love, it's fear, but we're human and haven't mastered ascension yet so we keep falling.

    Even in the hard angles of the red stones, there is softness in the white rock. Your picture speaks hope.

  2. Mine flies into the past to relive the missteps and missed steps along the path I chose. Or else it can be found found in the world of fantasy the what ifs. Very nice post. What a great version of I'll Fly Away. Any idea who the other player is? Reminds me of the John Sebastian song Nashville Cats "been pickin' since they's babys"

  3. kass, your comment led me to tears. i hadn't seen the hope.
    a course in miracles says everything is either an expression of love or a cry for love. when i can remember that, it makes life easier.

  4. tag, thanks. that's david rawlings, gillian welch's longtime musical partner and sometime producer.

  5. standing - I also find your picture strangely erotic.....but then, it's been a looooooong time. Sorry.

  6. "between a rock and a hard place"" hehe. You guys crack me up.