Monday, February 15, 2010

valentine's day gift

yesterday i visited the valley of fire, with some local and out of town friends.
we were graced with a visit from this lovely creature:

this is a chuckwalla lizard, second largest lizard in the united states, the gila monster being the largest. they're usually active in spring (not here quite yet,) and early summer.
basking in the sun, this guy (or girl-how do you tell with lizards?) let us get pretty close before scurrying under the rock crevice next to him/her.
the local in our entourage commented that in all his years here, he had never seen one of these.
now, how cool is this? the desert gave us a valentine's day present. not the traditional flowers and chocolate, but then, i'm not all that traditional.
i must admit, we had the usual trappings of the day as well.
the lizard did, indeed, rock.


  1. What fun! And how lucky you had your camera, but then, if you're like me, I never go anywhere without it.

  2. kass-yes, these days my camera is pretty much welded to the end of my hand!