Thursday, February 18, 2010

un-lilies, part trois

this last one is just to make you rub your eyes, trying to bring it into focus!

i think the obsession is ebbing.
what will next fuel the flower flames?


  1. Lovely. You shouldn't apologize for the last one. I love grainy fuzzy images. It's a style. A choice. Your cropping is very artistic.

  2. kass-i love fuzzy too-it's pretty much how i see without my glasses. cropping-funny you should mention that. i just realized the other day that i don't crop anymore. when i first started taking pics, i cropped everything. it was the only way i could get what i wanted. now i rarely crop after the fact. sooner or later, i'll start playing with it again, i'm sure.

  3. It is clear to me that you are on a sharp learning curve and you're an apt student. Your use of the angles of light, thereby placing your shadows where you want them, has taken drastic strides ahead of the photos you presented just a few months ago. I know you don't use world-class equipment (you've said as much), so an even bigger tip of the hat for your most recent presentations.

    I'm with Kass on the slightly blurred images. I know that's how I want Mr. DeMille to capture me these days when he zooms in for the close-up. Some things are better not viewed in harsh light and focus!

  4. so much life, so much vibrancy expressed here in the colors and the choices you make including Tracy and Willie.

  5. limes-thank you, your observations are spot-on. i recently reviewed some of my stuff, and was surprised by the evolution. though i must admit to being more of an intuitive, rather than deliberate, photographer. shadows and light, shadows and light, most of the time i don't know what i've gotten 'til after the fact. my camera is more of the dime-store variety, and i have begun lusting after better technology.
    more blur coming up!

    tag-gracias, amigo. tracy's voice rocks me to my toes.

  6. I wanted to say a bit about your inspiration. Your posts are so clean and zen-like. Simplicity in essence as if done by a Japanese master. Each color, each element chosen just so.

  7. tag- i suspect any japanese master would have me flogged for frippery!
    seriously-i once heard someone say that complexity equals obfuscation. that hit home. so i try to distill down to the fundamental nature. if it gets any simpler, i'm going to be posting emptiness in a border!