Sunday, February 21, 2010

un-lilies, part quatre

un-lilies weep,
sad on a sunday.


  1. How odd - when I first saw these pictures, I thought, "weeping for joy" - that's how it affected me.

    Sandy Denny was lovely. When you find the person who knows where the time goes, follow him and get some back for me.

  2. kass-that's the beauty-everyone sees differently, responds differently. if i follow the time person, how will get back? :)

  3. I find myself staring at that middle picture waiting for that drip to drop.

    Wait, this is still photography, huh?

  4. kirk-yes, very, very still. which is how i managed to NOT knock off the drop before i shot!

  5. We are all breathless here at DP Books. Once again your photos touch and awakens something inside that has been dormant for centuries...... Could a simple photo awaken our true nature??? I think yours does.

    Cristina and Linda wants of course a copy of the dripping drops..... PLEEEEAAAASSSSSSSSSSE. Love ya bunches girl!!

  6. anon-you guys crack me up! i love you both! of course, copies all around, next time i order.