Saturday, July 10, 2010

reach out and up

don't tell me
of the redhot longing
in bloodshot eyes,
looking skyward.
i don't care.
if you want the sky,
go there.


  1. I REALLY LIKE THIS!!! This is like something from a dream.

  2. The usual one about flying
    about reaching for heaven
    about touching the brass ring

  3. This is a very cool poem. Very cool. Neat pic too.
    I think I'll take your advice and go there.

  4. Reach out and up- isn't that what you say to your Yoga students?
    Lovely photo. Did you feel light-headed at that elevation?

  5. tag and kass-let's all go for it. what else we got to do?

    tr-exactly! looking up to take that shot made me dizzy. the altitude didn't affect me nearly as much as i expected, until about 10,000 feet.
    mild headache, had to hike a bit more slowly. i loved it all.