Sunday, July 18, 2010

want to go fishin'?


  1. Is the liquid in the Chevas Regal glass the customary liquid in which olives are found swimming at cocktail hour? Is there something weird going on with the two surfaces of the liquid?

    Hmmm, interesting word

  2. tr-the liquid is melting ice, with a touch of vodka remaining. i think the surface looks odd because of the reflections, and the angle at which i shot.
    sorry about posting your comment as is-i can't edit a particular line. you can always pull it and repost. i'd love to hear where you were going with the "interesting word!"

  3. Ohmygoodness: it was an interesting word verification and very apropos to your photograph and now less than twenty four hours later, I cannot remember what it was.... Information overload drowns out yesterday's word play opportunities. More will come, I suppose.