Friday, July 2, 2010

the eternal question, or at least one of them

where in the wave am i?

today is the 183rd day. it is exactly the middle day out of 365.
once you reach the center of anything, you can dominate the
whole in any way you please.
-365 tao, day 183


  1. Wow. Love the Tao thought. I do feel like I'm at the center of something.

  2. Thank you Puppetji. He speaks profoundly: stop with the questions and "Be Here Now". NO to paper and to plastic. Forget wondering who you are: choose simplicity and strive to not make things worse in your sphere of influence. Take a walk rather than the car.

    "Our good fortune will only last as long as our natural resources" Will

  3. Wave, or particle? Or just in a Heisenberg cloud of improbability?

  4. kass-yes, you are. that's the best place to be, from which you can look outward and see what's spinning around you. guess that makes you the nucleon of the atom!

    tr-hi there! thanks for stopping by. do you think puppetji is will rogers in drag?

    okatb-both. the cloud prevails-i either know where i am or how fast i'm moving, but not both at the same time. uncertainty is a marvelous thing, if you can stand it!

  5. tag-well, i'm glad that's resolved! now on to other pressing matters.