Sunday, July 4, 2010

summer suns

taking photos of sunflowers in black and white.
time to get out of town, i think.

no site is forever. if you find that the flow of energy has
gone elsewhere or that others begin to ruin an area, then
search for a new place of vitality. that is why those who follow
Tao seldom have fixed homes. they wander from site to site
so as to constantly remain in the stream of Tao.
--day 184, 365 tao


  1. I love these, but then I love being able to chase to the cut - see things inbetwixt colors.

  2. It's amazing what black-and-white photography can accomplish. You can ignore the colors for a change and just concentrate on the texture of the sunflower.

  3. kass, thanks. i really love taking pictures of water-liquid glass! you just never know what you're going to see.
    kirk-yes! it's so easy to get distracted by color, and miss the depth. like kass said, look between.