Sunday, November 28, 2010

any little song


  1. Didn't know Allison Krause played fiddle.

    Cool pictures. I want to eat those stone mountains. They look chewy.

  2. Those mountains look so desolate. They probably could use some music. Nice sepia tone.

    By the way, let us not forget who wrote Rhapsody in Blue, the great George Gershwin.

  3. okatb-thanks, hon!

    kass-me either. don't advise chewing the rocks, tho. not chocolate.

    lat-hiya! thanks for dropping in. start your own blog yet? i know you have things to show/say.

    kirk-they feel friendly, when you are in their presence. well, as friendly as rocks get. and there's no way i could forget gershwin. thanks for pointing that out.