Friday, November 19, 2010


can i say this?
i don't know.
words are calving
from the iceberg that guards my heart.


  1. You don't strike me as the icy type, but I liked the poem.

    I'd venture what that fellow in the top picture is unveiling, but there's too big an iceberg guarding my heart, brains, and guts.

  2. I think your heart-iceberg is like my bubble. It's scary to break through. Being vulnerable is terrifying. Be brave!

  3. Wow. Love that short poem.
    The use of calving and what is represented in the picture. Really nice.

  4. kirk-i'm not all-over icy, i just have a few areas still seized up. may i suggest taking a hammer and chisel to your 'berg? there's good stuff underneath it, i see it in your writing.

    cc-brave is my middle name! not my first name, you jim morrison said, break on through to the other side.

    kass-calving is the term used for when a chunk of iceberg breaks off. i liked the combined meaning of that, and calving as a birthing process. what do we give birth to with our words?

  5. Eternity is a long time, one that icebergs were often felt to be a part of. We know it isn't true any longer.

  6. okatb-no, even icebergs come to an end. i find that reassuring.