Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ghost heart

in your haunted-house heart,
ghosts live, and live well.
gorged on hurt and sorrow and loss,
fat with pain and the past,
they are your present.
their eyes are yours, you speak their words,
you hear only echoes.
they drift across your face at tender times.
we don't exist, the flesh-and-bloods,
until we stir the ghosts.


  1. Did you write this? It's stunning.

  2. thanks, kass-yes, my words, and my photo.

  3. This time of year seems to bring the ghosts.
    Very nice!

  4. Just stopped by to read that poem again. So haunting. We all deal with ghosts, our own, other people's. You are quite the photographer. I just snap things quickly with my little Kodak Easy Share, but now I'm longing for a zoom lens and other better-focus-stuff. I know NOTHING about photography - not sure if I have the where-with-all to really get into it. There's just too much I like to do - can't do it all.

    Wish I could help you with a levi jacket design. It's really so simple. Sometimes I think the desert people and I should just meet mid-way and have a pow-wow. I have 4 blogging friends in Las Vegas.

  5. kass-you really nailed the poem when you spoke of the abject frustration. this one was hard to write, for lots of reasons. i'm pretty amazed that anything i write could have that kind of impact. i'm so very grateful for your feedback.
    as for the photography, i also use a kodak easy share-the z1485. i don't know much, and i'm easing my way into it. while i do lust after better equipment, at my stage of learning, it would be a waste!
    girl, you have already have the eye. just keep taking pics, and posting them.
    and i'd be up for a pow-wow!

  6. This is a lovely poem and picture. Raw and truthful.

  7. standing (copy of comment left on my blog in response to your comment) - I appreciate your comment. It sounds like you have experienced some of what I have on the spiritual path. Again, I have to say I hate using the terminology. We're all on some kind of path and when we make a conscious decision to pursue 'enlightenment' (again - hate what the new age media moguls have done to the pursuit) - a lot of SHIT is thrown in our way. Can a spiritual person say SHIT?
    Yes, it is true. These roadblocks are what make us dig our way out. I loved that you talked about a gear change. It IS a shift. It's so totally away from how we are used to thinking and acting. I love that you keep saying, 'just breathe.' Because that's exactly it.