Sunday, December 6, 2009

soxual healing

i live in a place where i can wear sandals or flip-flops 8 months out of the year.
i come from a place where i
needed to wear socks 8 months out of the year.
a disconnect, you say?
you're right.
i've been missing my socks.
so i thought i'd have a sock parade.

the first marathon i ran was the flying pig marathon, in cincinnati. after that, everyone, and i mean every-damn-one, gave me things with flying pigs on them. this is the sock version. what you can't see in this photo is that the pigs are wearing halos.

i hate to admit to playing sock favorites, but i will bear up under the humiliation and say, yes, these 2 are my favorites.

they have monkeys on them.

toe socks. my mother gave me these. she's such a cut-up.

these are my cosmic socks. they have stars, planets, and rockets on them. the coolest thing, which i didn't see until i took this picture, is that around the top, it says "universal love!" i ask you, who doesn't want to be walking around in universal love?

oh, i have lots more socks. wool up-to-the-knee socks for skiing, socks for running, your basic utilitarian socks that are monochromatic, skeleton socks for halloween (they were in the laundry). i even have a pair of socks marked "left" and "right." they are all part of my sock family.

and when it's cold, and dark, and you're a long way from home, it's good to have family around.

this one is x-rated. well, if you're a sock:


  1. What a hoot! The video was so bad it was almost good.

  2. Love your post title . My daughter wears socks like this. She even has the very same toe socks. So colorful and interesting. What does this say about you? Do you walk through life in a colorful manner, carrying your own humor with you?

  3. gj-awful, isn't it? it made me laugh! i may change it to another one after more, ahem, research.

    kass-it was either that or soxuality. i almost put up a marvin gaye clip. i most definitely carry my own humor with me, from the toes up. i do have a strong appreciation of the absurd and silly!

  4. i changed the video, in keeping with the overall theme. well, kind of.

  5. Always preferred the Cubs to the Sox. But if they they change from the White Sox to the Chicago Cosmic Sox I probably would change my mind. I liked the videos, That was some good sox!