Sunday, December 27, 2009

it doesn't pay to piss me off

i was given a christmas cactus as a gift.
at first blush, i was touched. how nice
, i thought, such a spontaneous gesture.
only a day after receiving it, i was entertaining doubts.
the reason i was suspicious of the motivation behind said gift is that, of course, i immediately wanted to ta
ke pictures of it. ha.
photographically speaking, this is the plant from hell. it is a demon, existing solely to make mad those who seek to di
gitally reproduce it's form.
that would be me. and i'm already nuts enough.
i got pissed.
(i don't anger easily. when i do reach saturation point, just stand back. leave the room. hell, leave the country.)
add to that a major dose of polish stubbornness, and you have...

pictures! good ones!
took me two damn weeks, so i'm posting almost all of the ones that worked. i'm saving a few for the bad days, when nothing works, and i need a lift. i'm not just speaking photographically, either.


  1. Are we related? You have the same brand of OCD that I do. These pictures are indeed, perfect. I've owned cacti like this before and they always go droopy and die. Good luck. Love that song.

  2. kass-i'm sure we are! i either work something to the nth degree, or i drop it entirely. and yeah, my cactus is doing the droop dance, despite my diligently following care directions.

  3. The pictures are good! They're a difficult subject, eh?

  4. okatb-thanks! wish i knew what i did right. and "difficult" barely scrapes the surface, as you well know.