Tuesday, December 8, 2009

more bad poetry

i found this in the back of an old notebook of mine.
i think this would make a good, bad country/western song.

not the brightest thing
i've ever done,
falling in love
with a son of a gun.

you'd think by now
i'd learned not to.
then i roll over
and shit-it's you.

get out of my way,
out of my life.
go back to your horse
back to your wife

i gotta learn how,
gotta think this through.
can't live this way
it's too far from true.

this is only tangetially related, but damn...


  1. Hi, I love this. I can't write a song to save my life, though I can poop out melodies on the keyboard all day long.

    By the way, Greg's other blog is at least as interesting as Quantum Spirit if you haven't seen it. Greg was my across the street neighbor for years in the long ago time before blogs and all.

  2. thanks! well, feel free to put this to music. the only instrument i can play is the kazoo!

    and i'll check out greg's other blog. you know, this blog world is getting smaller and smaller-or larger and larger. maybe there's no difference.

  3. Standing - No apologies needed for these country-western song lyrics. They're better than most. You can't top that Z Z!...and I absolutely love Willie Nelson. I'm an opera singer, but his voice sends me. There is something so pure and true about it. I see you found Christopher too. Isn't he amazing? I LOVE his stuff!

  4. kass, thanks-i don't have a clear perception of what i write. all input welcome!
    i found christopher by way of your site. i'm new to the poetry gig. it's been 40 years since i attempted it. now i remember why i quit-it's tough.

  5. You forgot to mention trains and the dog...

  6. oknatb-yeah, and i missed the pickup truck, too.