Sunday, December 13, 2009


winter is, energetically speaking, the time during which we rest deeply, renew, replenish our reserves, go inward. this winter, more than any in the recent past, the urge to hibernate is strong in me. pulling myself out of a warm bed is torturous. i want to eat a lot, heavy, carb-laden foods. i want to nestle into my couch, with blanket, book, and red wine. i want to integrate, not just this past year, but the past 3. i want to write (that's new), to see what comes out, to hold it up to the light. i want to see what shines and what needs polishing. i want to listen to the peace within. and i want to become aware of the paths to be followed, in what direction i am nudged, pulled, or even, shoved.

this wasn't my first choice, or even my second.
this will do.


  1. Beautiful images! - especially nice when I enlarged them. I like the song too.

  2. thanks, kass. i edited the post after you commented. when i first posted, i didn't think i had anything i wanted to say. turns out i did.

  3. I love your thoughts about winter. That describes it perfectly. Your photos are stunning too.!