Tuesday, January 12, 2010

...and i am perpetually awaiting a rebirth of wonder...

the title is from the ferlinghetti poem in my last post.

this is what we lose, i think.

we lose the ability to wonder,
to be present anew,
to see with fresh eyes,
to lose the cynicism,
to shake the numbness,

to drop the armor,
to open the heart.

how do we shed the fear?
how do we soften?
how do we receive?

we laugh, and we love.

here's the laugh:
lyle lovett-penguins
(embedding disabled, you HAVE to see this)

here's the love:


  1. standing - This is a beautiful post - the way you have the tulip opening like the heart.
    Love the penguin song & video. Lyle is awesome.
    Townes Van Zandt - never heard of him, but he's plaintive and simple.
    BTW, I knew exactly what you meant in your last comment on my truth post, I was jes funnin' witchya.

  2. kass-you've probably heard his songs covered by others. townes was an amazing musician. steve earle did a entire album of his stuff, called "townes." worth checking out.
    and i'm glad you were funnin'-got me good!

  3. To drop the armor
    To open the heart

    To shed the fear, soften our heart and be ready to receive…

    We have to start behaving as children and forget everything we have learnt so we can live life without questioning it too much.

    Lovely poem.



  4. Those tulip pictures make me want to kiss them or at least try to get lipstick that matches the rosy shade. This is so beautiful, as are your thoughts.

  5. Gabi, your question and standing's poem reiterate the question that GJ asked about the Tao. There are some very profound things going on here, I believe.

  6. gabi-yes, to laugh and love as children, unreservedly, without fear.
    gj-i think the first pic is one of the best i've taken so far. um, you're gonna get smudges on your screen!
    tag-i agree. our connectedness is becoming rather blatant.

  7. is blatant a good thing? And thanks for the Lyle Lovett. I hadn't seen that video before though Lyle is one of my favorite performers.

  8. tag-i think blatant is good. makes connectedness easy to recognize, and difficult to deny!
    that video just cracks me up:) lyle has some interesting twists to him.