Friday, January 22, 2010

ten things that make me happy and that i love

having been tagged, here's my list.
this doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of the multiplicities of what i love. some are the mundane things of daily life. the sacred lies in the ordinary.
some i left out, like books, family, nature. for me, they are a given.

you see, i couldn't quite keep it to ten, because of the last one.

1. photography-mine and others
2. the manifestation of the divine that we are - yoga
3. breathing in, breathing out-the cycles of life
4. the inevitability of change
5. the process of writing poetry (not necessarily the result)
6. sleeping past 6:00am
7. kissing
8. music and dancing, together or separately
9. making soup
10. all the possibilities i haven't explored yet
11. that the more i love, the more i love, and am loved

it would be interesting to do this once a week for a bit, and see what else arises. always room for more happiness, i say.


  1. What a beautiful list! So unique. I am learning so much from this sharing. It's so good to acknowledge the love and see it grow.

  2. Making Soup, How could I forget that? Pot of Vegetable tomorrow.

  3. Every now and then,
    when the world sits just right,
    a gentle breath of heaven
    fills my soul with delight...
    ~Hazelmarie ‘Mattie’ Elliott, A Breath of Heaven

  4. kass-isn't it great to read what holds love in folks' lives?

    tag-feeding others feeds us. i've been into chicken noodle, may be moving on to red lentil.

    gabi-wonderful poem! i'm going to find more of her work. thank you.

  5. Glad to know u liked it!