Friday, January 29, 2010


out of patience
out of time
out of courage
out of rhyme

worst to come?
best has gone?
laying here

on someone's lawn

watch the stars
not to blame
where to look
lost my name

don't know where
to go from here
path is shrouded
by the fear

look inside
don't see a thing
that tells me true
that makes me sing

if i could
i'd stop my heart
die to this
end this part

wake up again

begin anew
this time better


  1. I admire your ability to do this. You contradict yourself from phrase to phrase, yet it is so human and natural to do that. I a little darkness here a bit light over there. Accompanied by a similar yet different Joni Mitchell voice of an angel.

  2. I love the water drop on the 1st tulip and deep shades of purple on the 2nd tulip. The visuals in Judy's song are also amazing. Do you ever think that we get bored by so much incredible beauty and talent?

    Once again, I'm going to say that I think you could sell your poems as lyrics to a number of popular artists. They have so much rhythm and punch. I'm not sure what you mean by overdue. The chance at happiness overdue?

  3. tag-thank you. i don't get the contradicting myself part, but then, i can only read this from the inside-doesn't lend much perspective.

  4. kass-i don't think we get bored. i think we get supersaturated, and briefly lose the ability to take it in. then something strikes us afresh, and we're brought back to beauty.

    any idea how i would get my lyrics to anybody that would care? i have no clue about that.

    overdue-hmm. overdue for a change? to move into happiness? i'm a right-brained writer. i write it, then see what it says, rather than vice versa.

  5. I could show it to my niece and ask her what her band would be willing to pay for it. That may include royalties on any single they produce. Want to give it a try?

    My son could certainly set it to music, but there would be NO money there.

  6. The Joni Mitchell video is so beautiful. I like the way your poem skips along and lets you just go with it. Very unique.

  7. It struck me as a cheerful kind of pessimism. Whether that was your intent or not, I certainly enjoyed it.

  8. kass-thanks! let's do it!

    gj-funny how some musicians drop in and out of my awareness. i hadn't listened to joni in years. skipping is good!

    kirk-thanks for chiming in. glad you had some fun!

  9. hey, tag! i found a great walt whitman quote:

    do i contradict myself? very well, then i contradict myself, i am large, i contain multitudes.

  10. One wonders what Whitman was in touch with. In my father's house are many mansions-John 14:2. Same, Same.