Monday, January 25, 2010


this is an old piece i've worked, chewed on, spit out, reworked, discarded, resurrected, and worked again.
i'm officially done with it.
(except for the the 14 versions still running through my brain.)
i'm throwing it, out there, up, and away.
anybody got music for this?

drawn to you
like water downhill,
drawn to you
like buzzards to a kill,
drawn to you
like a traveler home,
you grow on me
like flesh on a bone

no need to explain
how this came about,
a flooding of the heart
after the drought.
i do know,
the heart tells it true.
are you drawn to me
like i'm drawn to you?

drawn to you
like butter to toast,
drawn to you
like gravy to a roast,
drawn to you
like a child to play,
nothing more left to say.

and for your dining and dancing pleasure:


  1. How did you ever come up with that video? I especially loved the violin intro. And that poem definitely needs to be set to music. I'm very drawn to it. Hope it's drawn to m.

  2. okatb-the poem? oh, the video? yeah, it's something! i love the cab calloway takeoff in the beginning.

  3. You don't need to explain how this came about, yet I'm curious. After there's nothing left to say It always seems that something needs to be said. In my youth I said too much or said not enough. Thanks Standing, this was fun.

  4. kass-i was actually looking for a different squirrel nut zippers song, but 'twas not to be found. and if you're drawn, it's drawn!

    tag- i don't really know any more. this is part of a bunch of poems i've been messing around with for almost a year. there've been many transformative events in my life, in the last 3-5 years, so i'm sure a lot of what i write is coming out from that. the whole writing gig, especially poetry, is new to me.
    how it happens is still pretty much a mystery to me.