Saturday, March 20, 2010

curves and light II

Trust the gods within,
accept given boons.
Illusion is reality's border:
Pierce fear to go beyond.
--365 Tao, day 78


  1. I love the spiral of the first lily. The contrast of the milky white and red spines in the 2nd and 3rd points out the grace flowers can teach us. Tao day 78 is very meaningful, both in your post and sidebar. I feel a certain acceptance with my situation which surprises me. Maybe I don't have to take The Long Way Home. Thanks, standing.

  2. All these lily pictures are wonderful to see - an infusion of beauty is a great gift. Thank you.

  3. Great pictures Standing.
    The colors and shapes are gorgeous!

    I admire your work


  4. kass-i'm glad you've found some peace. these photos, more than others i've taken, feel peaceful and soothing to me. and i do have a serious addiction to curves.

    june-thank you. there's so much beauty in the world, i feel compelled to spread it around.

    gabi-thank you for your light!

  5. That top picture looks like a spiral candy cane.

  6. Your lily series is beautiful and you have captured their images in unusual poses remarkably well. But I'm going to ring in from sideways as I sometimes do (sorry, my head works that way). The two lower images put me in mind of a trip to the seashore to buy creamy smooth saltwater taffy with a peppermint ribbon running through it.

  7. kirk and limes-gee, thanks. now i want fudge! seriously, i love the connections you both have made.
    limes, i've lived near the eastern shore, and your comment evoked memories of tastes and events that haven't been unearthed in ages.