Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i've got a lot of damn nerve

for those of you who have visited digital existence (and if you haven't, go there, now!), you know that once known as the badger is a wondrous photographer, of all things floral, and especially of iris.

to say that i am not in his league is an epic understatement. i'm not sure we're even playing the same game.

be that as it may, i'm posting these, with trepidation and a sizeable amount of chutzpah. to place any of my photos in a public forum makes me anxious. more so, when i know that comparisons are inevitable.

don't get me wrong, i'm not apologizing for them. i'm acknowledging the level at which i'm working, where it is and where it isn't.


  1. I've commented here before and I'll repeat myself: your learning curve has so visibly sharpened, it is amazing. It seems you've internalized the deft use of the light you have at hand. If people want to make comparisons of your pictures to anyone else's, they will, but comparisons should put you in a favored place.

    I see fluttering birds and a hat Queen Elizabeth would wear.

    WV = truthkug. That's my truthkug opinion!

  2. When it comes to Iris, there can be no wrong. ...but then I'm already well past my 19th nervous breakdown...

  3. These photos are stunning whether I think Badger can shoot or not.

  4. limes-thank you. light is all, for me. we are all illumined from within, that's what i look for. did you see the sparkles at the edges? a royal hat! that's wonderful! think i have a future in millinery?

    okatb-hmm, you didn't see the iris rejects! and thank you. i know you don't comment frivolously.

    kass-thanks, hon! it's a rare person who can look without comparison.

  5. Standing,

    I do visit both blogs, yours and digital existence. I admire both the same, as each is unique in its very own way, so comparisons are not done, each work is appreciated for itself.
    I love your work, as an aspiring photographer (I’m talking about me), I dream for the day I will be able to capture beauty the way you and the Badger do!! So keep up your fantastic work and continue sharing it with the entire world.


  6. I DID see the sparkles and thought "sugar crystals on petals". That's what first drew me to comment.

    If one were a milliner, that chick would be the one to have as a client!

  7. gabi-thank you for your encouragement and appreciation. everyone has their own eye, yes? i've seen your photos-they are marvelous, and capture your experience well.

    limes-i wasn't sure how well the sparkles would show up on a monitor-they're my favorite part.
    glad you caught them!

  8. Namaste.

    Also lovely lavender light from within.

  9. kirk-i'll do my best!

    tregina-namaste. the healing color.