Thursday, March 25, 2010

purple dreams


  1. Purple is always the color I see when I close my eyes. I think purple signifies 'faith,' so I kind of like it.

    Haven't heard Laura for ages. Still prefer the Blood, Sweat and Tears version of When I Die, but this has freshness that can be appreciated.

  2. kass-i like the bs&t version better too, but the clip i wanted to use was embedding-disabled.
    purple is known as the color of healing, too.

  3. Kass, I love the Tao quote. It is so right on for me. Can I use the quote some time on my blog? Love the purple flowers. Purple can also be associated with the crown chakra--a wonderful place to be.

  4. Fine, fine violet, indigo and blue, colors associated with the top 3 three Chakras. Well Done, Standing. You exemplify the attributes of these colors.
    I haven't heard this song in years. One of my favorites by BS&T but I didn't know Laura Nyro wrote it. Thanks.

  5. jan- hi, welcome to my blog. but, um i'm rraine, aka standing on my head, not kass! regardless, feel free to use the quote-it's from 365 tao, by deng ming-dao. please visit again.

    tag-thank you. everyone knows the bs&t version, few know who wrote it. laura nyro wrote so many songs covered by others.

  6. Purple is one of my favorite colors and you captured it beautifully - Once again I love the texture and light of your pictures.

    I got a new camera - hope I have the chance to take a few good shots in Ethiopia this week.


  7. gabi-have a wonderful trip! i'm looking forward to seeing how ethiopia shows herself to you.