Saturday, March 27, 2010

going on sablogittal

i'm done, at least for the time being.
i'm in need of a pause that refreshes.
my eyes and brain are tired. i've been feeling sad and depressed about my photos. i'm repeating myself.
i don't like how i'm seeing, what i'm seeing, what i'm photographing, or how my photos are looking these days. and i'm getting pret-ty damn tired of flowers. among other things.
and of course, no sooner do i say that, things begin to change.
be careful what you wish for...

while i will most certainly be reading and commenting, no photo posts.

uh oh.
already feeling the twangs of withdrawal.


  1. What about our withdrawal?
    Have you no sympathy ( or a little co-dependence)?
    That first photo....WTF? A glass of pre-digested rice and beans? It's strangely stunning, though, as are the others. It's OK to take a break from blogging, but don't take one from your artistic self-worth, OK?

    Hey, I just had a thought. You're so good with light, why not photograph really gross things in beautiful light to make them look artistically great, like you did that glass of whatever?

  2. kass-somehow i don't think your withdrawal is going to be as severe as mine! you, and the folks that read this, are so deeply talented in so many ways, i think they can sustain themselves for a bit.
    that first pic is of the remains of my bowl of oatmeal.
    i'm continuing to take photos. i just need to look at things differently, both literally and metaphorically. as leslie pointed out, i've been on a pretty sharp learning curve, and it seems to be continuing. i need some integration time.

    uh, i'm kind of afraid to ask this, but what's your definition of really gross? :)

  3. How about some more of those quirky little poems of yours?

  4. You know of course that it's you that inspires me to try my hand at flowers and poems. I will miss that inspiration but I understand the need to recharge. Maybe also finding new inspiration along the way. take 'er easy dude!

  5. kirk-i have one percolating even as we speak!

    tag-no, i had no idea! i'm, i'm, nonplussed. never been an inspiration before.
    keep going-you're a natural. i don't know how long i can hold out, blogging being nearly as addictive as meth. i'm definitely in need of new inspiration. all suggestions gratefully accepted.

  6. You have a wonderful sense of balance in your use of color whether in poetry or in photography. I suspect it grow naturally out of your love of Yoga. I know you have the words and I suspect you have a tale or two to tell of you journey. Your audience here respects and admires you. We will applaud any effort to expand your natural talent. I hope to see you back her experimenting soon. Write what you know.

  7. tag,thank you. i am touched, and heartened, by the support you voice. i am not accustomed to being supported, and therefore am clumsy in accepting it. i have tales that i am reluctant to tell, for a plethora of reasons. i'll be back soon. how long can i stand to be away?

  8. Tell the tales that beg to be told, when you can, they will come to you, but in the meantime stay at peace with yourself.

    As much as we bloggers need other bloggers, we can cope with the spaces in between when someone needs a break. Best wishes.

  9. elisabeth-thank you. i'm resting within, listening for the next direction.

  10. Such a pity. I just found my way here and will have to content myself with archives. But I know the feeling. Sometimes it loses it catharis and doesn't feel right anymore.

  11. not to worry, saint d! i'll be back. check in a week or two or three. and thank you for visiting-i'm heading in your direction next.

  12. Hi Standing,

    Just got back to the net after a short break. I understand your need for change, the need to re-invent yourself is a natural process and shouldn’t be avoided. So, embrace it with joy and face it with a mischievous attitude – surprise yourself by not thinking too much and just going with the flow.

    “I lost my world, my fame, my mind –
    The Sun appeared, and all the shadows ran.
    I ran after them, but vanished as I ran –
    Light ran after me and hunted me down.”


  13. ah, gabi, good to hear from you again. i'm looking forward to seeing your new photos, and hearing about your travels, both internal and external.