Wednesday, March 10, 2010

linda, this one's for you

i've lived in this nut job of a city for a little over 3 years. when i first arrived, i did what i always do in a new place. i searched out the libraries, the yoga studios, and the used bookstores. oh yeah, and the grocery stores.

in the used bookstore category, i found gold.
not only did i find a marvelous bookstore, i found friends
. brilliant, creative, caring, talented, warm, open-hearted friends. we nurture, amuse, stimulate and aggravate each other. friends!

linda is one of them. she owns the bookstore, dead poet books. she reads this, and other, blogs. she's lived here for 20+ years, and knows this place. she is a staunch supporter of my foray into photography. she critiques my photos, and tells me the truth. she has listened to my woes, and told me when to suck it up. she is an artist, a businesswoman, and is talented in ways that make my jaw drop.

she's had some tough times of late, tough enough to make any other person walk off a cliff. she, however, is tougher than the times.

so linda, this one is for you, with all my heart.
i wish i could do more, hon.


  1. I don't know if prayers are appropriate but they can't hurt. Mine go out to you Linda. Daffodils and tulips, Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman. You're really outdoing yourself.

  2. tag, prayers, at least in my world, are always appropriate. thank you.

  3. Beautiful trumpeting wellness wishes from me as well.

  4. If Kirk recommends I visit you, then I do. What's more after I've met and read your blog, at least in part, you I now follow you.

    All this upside down stuff is apt, given that we live on opposite sides of the world. It's good to meet you.

  5. When friends go through tough times, friends like you Standing make a big difference to them. The pictures are beautiful but your support is greater.
    Sending loveNlight to your friend from here.


  6. elisabeth-thank you for (metaphorically) coming all this way!. it's good to meet you, and i'll be visiting your site soon.

    gabi, kass, tag-thank all of you for extending your good wishes, prayers and light to my friend. i'm moved by your generosity of spirit and heart.

  7. Beutiful pictures, especially the one in the middle. Linda must be pleased. Great tribute to a friend.

  8. One sentence grabbed me very hard. I've had to work hard to distill the feelings down to few enough words. It's taken me awhile. For purposes of this comment, I'd use "death", "illness", "trouble" or "calamity" interchangeably. It doesn't matter.

    It was your last sentence, "I wish I could do more, hon."

    As you know, I had an important person die some weeks past. I was on fire with needing to "do" something. Bad stuff was going on. Dammit, I need to do something.

    Here's what I've learned in a few weeks. "Do" is action and sometimes there is none to be taken. Sometimes we can only "be" [friend, or whatever we are] which I now describe as "accept and assist".

    Lest any readers think that is some twisted commentary, I can only say I am a person who feels things strongly. Sometimes it's hard to apply the right words, but I felt the need to say I understood your sentence. You are a good friend to her.

  9. I have no words, my loving thanks and gratitude to all....Raine you are truly one of the greatest blessings that has ever graced my life, I have been made better by you.....Thank you for this most incredible gift. I love you, Linda

  10. limes-thank you. you said it well. sometimes all that needs to be done is to show up, and shut up. i often have difficulty with the "shut up" part.

  11. my dear linda, i'm not sure you know what you have contributed to my life. i don't have a way with words, but here: your effortlessly creative way of looking at things inspires me. your selfless (to a fault!) giving inspires me. and your perseverance and guts in the face of all manner of tribulations makes me stop whining! you are in my heart.